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your weekly VIXX updates: full album, pre release track and the usual VIXX tv!  
8th-Nov-2013 03:00 am
Originally posted by sakuragirl24 at your weekly VIXX updates: full album, pre release track and the usual VIXX tv!
[INFO] Milky Way in Seoul + Info Regarding 1st Full Album

Hello Starlights,
This is the ST★FF.

We have a surprising announcement to share with Starlights!

On November 17th, VIXX will wrap up the global showcases with the MILKY WAY in SEOUL as the finale. After the showcase is over, VIXX’s first full-length album will be on sale.

In order to let Starlights hear the title song of the first album first, it has been decided for the first performance to be revealed at the showcase in Seoul before the album is released.

At the 2013 VIXX Global Showcase Finale “THE MILKY WAY” FINALE in SEOUL, the veil for the first performance and title song will be lifted.

At the colorful stage of the global showcase that will be in Seoul, please give your anticipation and support for VIXX who will give a shocking and cool performance. :)

Thank you :D

[INFO] VIXX Full Album Pre-Release Track “Because the Answer is You”

Hello Starlights :D
This is the ST★FF.

This is information for the regarding a pre-release of a song from VIXX’s full album.

VIXX’s first full album’s pre-release track!
Release date: Friday, November 8, 2013 12PM KST

You have probably already found out through VIXX’s SNS.
They are currently filming an all-location music video in Sweden as the first artist from Korea to do so. ^^

A music video that captures the beauty of Sweden’s scenery!
VIXX’s big first album project. The first big step to announce this project.
Please anticipate the pre-release of .

[T/N: Translated title is tentative]

Ross Lara apparently worked on the album, he tweeted this:

"Starlights, I’m happy to share that we worked on VIXX’s new music coming out this fall. Looking forward to the release’s!"

He worked on Light me up, G.R.8.U and also SHINee's Dream Girl (according to wiki)

Vixx tv ep 73

cr: fyeah-vixx (1, 2); RossLara; RealVIXX

omg so excited!!!!

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