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Been a While... 
11th-Jan-2013 10:26 pm
I thought I would post something quick as its been a little while. So its 2013 now, a new year for new things and I have the Christmas blues >.< I hate it when Christmas is over, I love the excitement of it all, giving presents, being with family and even though I'm 23 I still feel like a kid sometimes during Christmas. I guess I have to look forward to all the events that will happen this year ^.^
I'm still a very hardcore Juri follower, on Twitter (when he posts or when Aby posts) and he's still my number one guy of all <3 Of course secondly there's Eunhyuk (Super Junior) and then third there's a joint position with Ryoga (ViViD) and Kiseop (U-Kiss). I'm totally loving U-Kiss at the moment, I've bought a few of their live dvds and cds and adore them so much. Currently missing AJ but I know he will be back soon :) Just love their music and silly personalities, they make me feel happy and smile. I will share some pictures now so don't moan on the friends page ok, cos I haven't posted for ages, just please scroll past if you're not interested :)

My favourite ~ Kiseop ~ <3


~ Hoon ~


~ Eli ~


~ Soohyun ~


~ Kevin ~


~ AJ ~


~ Dongho ~


I love these guys!!!! Ooo the new Super Junior M song too <333333333

Don't know what to say really, so I will post again some other time when I think of more to write ^.^

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