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My Jrock Collection Part 3 
25th-Sep-2011 02:26 am
Juri 2

Here are some more jrock items I've taken pictures of, there are still more to come but here are some more for now :)

Photoset B - Leda

Photoset B - Aggy

Photoset B - Juri

Photoset B - Group

Photoset C - Juri

Photoset C - Sujk

Photoset C - Aggy

Photoset C - Leda

Photoset C - Group

Deluhi Blitzkrieg - Another Departure - Bag

Girugamesh Color Single CD

Girugamesh Inochi No Ki Single CD

 ViViD 'Indies Last Oneman Live Genesis' DVD

Vistlip 'Gather To The Theater' DVD

Girugamesh Poster

Vistlip Poster

Girugamesh 2010 Towel

All 3 Versions of Vistlips 'Sindra' Single

Alice Nine Blue Flame Single

3 Alice Nine CD's (My Japanese Is Non-Existence so I'm not sure what they are called T_T)

Alice Nine 'Alpha' and 'Vandalize' Albums

Girugamesh 'NOW' / 'Girugamesh' / '13's Reborn' and 'Music (Signed)' Albums

Girugamesh 'GO' / Alice Nine 'Gemini' / -OZ- 'Rouge (signed)' and D 'Vampire Saga (signed booklet inside)' Albums

Alice Nine's 'Hello Dears Numbers' / 'Discotheque play like 'A' Rainbows -enter and exit-' / 'Alice In Wonderfilm' DVD's

Girugamesh's 'Crazy Crazy Crazy Tour' and 'Volcano' DVD's

D DVD and Alice Nine's 'Untitled Vandalism - Graced The Beautiful Day' DVD

Dir En Grey's '5 Ugly Kingdom' / 'Vulgarism' and 'Uroboros -with proof in the name of living- At Nippon Budakon' DVD's

Girugamesh Cure Magazine Signed Inside (pictures in Jrock Collection Part 2)

ZY.56 with Vistlip, MUCC, Nightmare, D=Out, Screw, Born Girugamesh etc

Girugamesh Wrist Band

Deluhi Photo 1

Deluhi Photo 2

Deluhi Photo 3

Deluhi Photo 4

Deluhi Photo 5

Deluhi Photo 6

Deluhi Photo 7

Deluhi Photo 8

Deluhi Juri Photo 9

Deluhi Leda Photo 10

Deluhi Aggy Photo 11

Deluhi Sujk Photo 12

Deluhi Photo 13

Deluhi Photo 14

Deluhi Photo 15

Deluhi Photo 16

Deluhi Photo 17

Aki -OZ- Signed Photo

Natsuki -OZ- Signed Photo

Nao -OZ- Signed Photo

Zukki -OZ- Signed Photo

Tama -OZ- Signed Photo

There's still more to come when I take pictures and resize them, hopefully it will be soon!

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