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> I only accept paypal
> I will hold for up to 1 week
> I ship from the UK and all money should be sent in GBP
> Prices DO NOT include shipping and paypal fees
> I'm not resposible for any items that are damaged or lost after I post them, please take that up with Royal Mail
> I'm willing to consider offers so don't be afraid to ask ^.^
> Please only serious buyers comment if you really want something
> Here is my feedback from my previous sales/purchases etc - http://catbutt123.livejournal.com/60188.html

Here are the cheki's for sale:


All Cheki's here are £10GBP or below in price!

1. Aki (Ex. OZ) Signed - £13GBP £10GBP
2. Aki (Ex. OZ) Signed - £13GBP £10GBP
3. Aki (Ex. OZ) Signed - £13GBP £10GBP (or all 3 Aki for £25GBP)
4. Daiki - Lost Ash - £11GBP £9GBP
5. Daiki - Lost Ash - £11GBP £9GBP SOLD!
6. Daiki - Lost Ash - £11GBP £9GBP (or both Daiki for £15GBP)
7. Hayato - Duel Jewel £10GBP £7GBP SOLD!
8. Hikaru (D=Out) & Tomo (Born) £11GBP £9GBP
9. Minase (Ex. D=Out) & Ibuki (D=Out) Signed £13GBP £10GBP SOLD!
10. Minase (Ex. D=Out & Reika (D=Out) £13GBP £10GBP SOLD!
11. Minase (Ex. D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
12. Minase (Ex. D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
Minase (Ex. D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
Minase (Ex. D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
Minase (Ex. D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
Minase (Ex. D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
17. Minase (Ex. D=Out) £10GBP £8GBP SOLD! (or all 6 Minase for £50GBP)
18. Nao (Ex. OZ) Signed £10GBP *NEWLY ADDED
19. Natsuki (Ex. OZ) Signed £10GBP *NEWLY ADDED
20. Ray (Ex. Nega) Signed £12GBP £9GBP
21. Ray (Ex. Nega) Signed £12GBP £9GBP
22. Ray (Ex. Nega) £10GBP £8GBP (or all 3 Ray for £20GBP)
23. Ray (Born) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
24. Reika (D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP SOLD!
Reika (D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP SOLD!
Reika (D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
Reika (D=Out) Signed £12GBP £10GBP
28. Reika (D=Out) £10GBP £8GBP SOLD! (or both Reika for £15GBP)
29. Rui - Vistlip £10GBP £9GBP SOLD!
30. Ryoga (ViViD) £12GBP £10GBP SOLD!
31. Ryoga (ViViD) £12GBP £10GBP
32. Shun (Duel Jewel) £10GBP £7GBP SOLD!
33. Soshi (Aldebarans) £9GBP £7GBP
34. Tama & Natsuki (Ex. OZ) Signed £10GBP *NEWLY ADDED
35. Tohya (Vistlip) Signed £10GBP *NEWLY ADDED
36. Tohya (Vistlip) £10GBP £8GBP SOLD!
37. Tomo (Vistlip) £10GBP £8GBP SOLD!
38. Tomo (Vistlip) £8GBP *NEWLY ADDED SOLD!
39. Tomo (Born) £10GBP £8GBP
40. Umi (Vistlip) £8GBP *NEWLY ADDED SOLD!
41. Yuh (Vistlip) £10GBP £8GBP SOLD!
42. Yu-Ta (Hero) Signed £12GBP £9GBP SOLD!

If you buy more than one there might be a small discount if we can agree on a price. If you would like to see any of the cheki's in a bigger picture then please ask and I will be happy to show you :D

Thanks for looking ^_^
27th-Dec-2013 05:58 pm - 3 New Pictures
Juri :D

So I decided to post these 3 pictures that I took on Christmas and Boxing Day cos its been a little while. I hope everyone had a nice time and got some cool presents and enjoyed time with their families ^.^ I was actually dreading Christmas cos I'm usually really mentally ill during this time, but I coped really well with it and managed to enjoy myself which was a nice change from the norm :)

Me and my fiancé on Boxing Day

me and jj 26.12.13

Me on Christmas Day
me on xmas day 25.12.13

My mum and me on Christmas Day
mum and me 25.12.13

I hope everyone has a nice New Years Eve and hopefully next year will be much better than this year for all my family and friends and hopefully myself too :D

Originally posted by sakuragirl24 at your weekly VIXX updates: full album, pre release track and the usual VIXX tv!
[INFO] Milky Way in Seoul + Info Regarding 1st Full Album

Hello Starlights,
This is the ST★FF.

We have a surprising announcement to share with Starlights!

On November 17th, VIXX will wrap up the global showcases with the MILKY WAY in SEOUL as the finale. After the showcase is over, VIXX’s first full-length album will be on sale.

In order to let Starlights hear the title song of the first album first, it has been decided for the first performance to be revealed at the showcase in Seoul before the album is released.

At the 2013 VIXX Global Showcase Finale “THE MILKY WAY” FINALE in SEOUL, the veil for the first performance and title song will be lifted.

At the colorful stage of the global showcase that will be in Seoul, please give your anticipation and support for VIXX who will give a shocking and cool performance. :)

Thank you :D

pre-release track on nov 8th!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

Vixx tv ep 73Collapse )

cr: fyeah-vixx (1, 2); RossLara; RealVIXX

omg so excited!!!!

Juri 2

The other big love in my life (apart from my gorgeous fiancé of course) is Juri - the vocalist of Deluhi before they disbanded just over 2 years ago. I've been following him since they disbanded and have been glad to see him in session bands and singing on Sujks 2 Arkhelism releases, but finally its here! He stated he would make a comeback and now I finally know when that will be ~ November this year! He is releasing a solo album and oh my fucking god you have no idea how happy this makes me. I love this man so much and this news, to me is better than my birthday and christmas combined! All I gotta do now is wait until I can pre-order the CD and I just can't wait for it! Meanwhile, here is a bloody gorgeous picture of his header on his new ameblo X___X


Perfection <3

4th-Jul-2013 10:19 am - Its been a while....

I figured I would post on here as its been way too long, but I am still alive haha. I just took a few pics of me too that I will post here cos I haven't done that for like a year or two either. I'm a bit frustrated at the moment as I'm having really bad trouble sleeping, in fact I'm not sleeping at all, its 09:58am now and I haven't been asleep at all and it sucks (that's fucking anxiety and depression problems for you). I am exercising and eating healthier to try and lose weight which I think will be a good thing to lift my mood mentally but I will have to wait and see about that.

Is it me or do you get really frustrated when a certain kpop idol gets stuck in your head and won't leave and fucks with your brain?! I'm having that trouble right now with Hoon and I will leave some gifs so you can see why, but yes he's a pain in my vagina right now to put it bluntly! He's not the only one, but he's the worst at the moment (aside from Juri who is constantly on my mind 24/7 and is like the most perfect guy to me!)

So here's me:


And Hoon.......Well fuck you really Hoon......


Those chunky thighs and ass, damn!!!

You dork!

11th-Jan-2013 10:26 pm - Been a While...
I thought I would post something quick as its been a little while. So its 2013 now, a new year for new things and I have the Christmas blues >.< I hate it when Christmas is over, I love the excitement of it all, giving presents, being with family and even though I'm 23 I still feel like a kid sometimes during Christmas. I guess I have to look forward to all the events that will happen this year ^.^
I'm still a very hardcore Juri follower, on Twitter (when he posts or when Aby posts) and he's still my number one guy of all <3 Of course secondly there's Eunhyuk (Super Junior) and then third there's a joint position with Ryoga (ViViD) and Kiseop (U-Kiss). I'm totally loving U-Kiss at the moment, I've bought a few of their live dvds and cds and adore them so much. Currently missing AJ but I know he will be back soon :) Just love their music and silly personalities, they make me feel happy and smile. I will share some pictures now so don't moan on the friends page ok, cos I haven't posted for ages, just please scroll past if you're not interested :)

My favourite ~ Kiseop ~ <3


~ Hoon ~


~ Eli ~


~ Soohyun ~


~ Kevin ~


~ AJ ~


~ Dongho ~


I love these guys!!!! Ooo the new Super Junior M song too <333333333

Don't know what to say really, so I will post again some other time when I think of more to write ^.^

25th-Sep-2011 02:26 am - My Jrock Collection Part 3
Juri 2

Here are some more jrock items I've taken pictures of, there are still more to come but here are some more for now :)

Jrock Collection Part 3Collapse )
13th-Sep-2011 11:34 pm - Band Meme
Juri 2
Stolen from [info]onyxmoogle ^_~

Pick ten artists that you love before reading the questions

1. Dir En Grey
2. Girugamesh
3. Deluhi
4. Vistlip
5. Alice Nine
6. SID
7. -OZ-
8.  Duel Jewel
9. D
10. Sadie

What was the first song you heard by 6? 

I think if I remember right that it was 'Sweet' but it mighty have been 'Mitsuyubi' but I loved both songs instantly :D

What’s your favorite song by 8?

I would have to choose 'Rain' or 'Polaris' they are both really beautiful songs <3

What impact has 1 had on your life?

They helped me through a lot of bad times in my life, their music helped me shut everything out for a while and pull me through when I needed to get back on my feet again. I've made a lot of friends I have now because of Diru and there is no other band like them, they are unique. They have been my favourite band for nearly 5 years and I believe they will continue to be my favourite in the future too :D

What are your favorite lyrics by 5?

  Time Machine - Alice Nine  


'If you could, do you want to turn back time?'
If I could, I'd go back to the time when I was with you
The afternoon rain becomes the happiness in hiding my shyness
In amazement, I embraced you, always...
By your side... the warmth of your body doesn't seem to become cold

'moshimo toki ga modoru naraba negaimasuka?'
negaeru no naraba kimi to ita koro e
gogo no ame wa terekakushi no saiwai ni natte
akireru hodo ni kimi no koto dakishimesasete zutto...
soba ni ite... taion ga samete shimawanu you ni

How many times have you seen 4 live?

  Never as they haven't come to the UK yet, but I really hope one day they will!  

What is your favorite song by 7?

  Well its between 'Strings' or 'Filmy', thats tough to pick out of those!  

Is there any song by 4 that you find sad? 

  I don't think its sad so much, just very beautiful - 'Classic Opera' 

What’s your favorite song by 3?

'Recall (2009 Re-Recording Version)' and 'Ivory and Irony'

How did you get into 9?

One of my best friends Vaneska ka_mika showed them to me through youtube videos and I fell in love with them and they are now one of my favourite bands!

What’s your favorite song by 2?

Hmmmmm I love them all! I guess 'Mouja No Koushin' OR 'Mission Code' thats quite a contrast between songs lol   

How many times have you seen 8 live?

  Never, same problem as before - they've never been to the UK T_T  

What’s a good memory concerning 9?

  One word 'Tsunehito' :P     haha no they are a great band and they make amazing music, what more could you ask for?

Is there a song by 10 that makes you sad?

It doesn't make me sad, but it has some sort of vibe to it - 'Scarlet'

What’s your favorite song by 1?

'Ain't Afraid To Die' and 'Itoshisa Ha Fuhai Ni Tsuki'
13th-Sep-2011 08:55 pm - My Jrock Collection Part 2
Juri 2
Here are more pictures of my collection :D

Read more...Collapse )
Juri 2

I decided to post pictures of my jrock collection, this is not even half of it as I haven't finished resizing all the photos I took yet and I have lots of other stuff in storage ready for when we move house (if we ever do >.<) anyways so this is what I have so far, click below to see, I put under a cut to not piss people off :P

My Jrock Collection Part 1Collapse )
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